Laser Hair Removal For Men & Women.

Laser Hair Removal

*Back & Chest

*Full Leg

*Half Leg

*Male Brazillion

*Woman Brazillion


*Half Arm

*Full Arm

*Full Face













***For the laser hair removal process you need to be pre-shaven upon your appointment arrival, the treatment time is relatively fast, and the number of treatments range from 8-10 services. The laser will not work on blonde, gray, white or red pigment of hair.***

Pre- and Post Contraindications for laser treatments include:

Avoid Sun Exposure for 4 weeks before, during, and after

*If out in sun use a strong SPFÂ

For laser hair removal avoid plucking, tweezing, and waxing before and during treatment durations

Avoid using tanning creams, tanning beds, or bronzers 4 weeks before and during

Children Can Not Accompany you to your Laser Appointment

Add on other body parts not listed and get your cost during consultations. The money paid for consultations will go towards your service.

Packages paid upfront receive 20% off