Pre- and Post Contraindications for laser treatments include:

Avoid Sun Exposure for 4 weeks before, during, and after

*If out in sun use a strong SPF

For laser hair removal avoid plucking, tweezing, and waxing before and during treatment durations

Avoid using tanning creams, tanning beds, or bronzers 4 weeks before and during

Children Can Not Accompany you to your Laser Appointment

Hair Removal

  • *Chest $400
  • *Back $400
  • *Full Leg $499
  • *Half Leg $250
  • *Bikini $250
  • *Under Arm $90
  • *Full Arm $200
  • *Half Arm $150
  • *Full Face $115
  • *Beards $65
  • *Stomach $250
  • *Ear/nose $65.00
  • *Chest & Stomach $600
  • *Lip/Chin $65.00
  • *Hands/Feet $55.00
  • *Neck $100
  • Any other parts, please call and ask. 



For the laser hair removal process you need to be pre-shaven upon your appointment arrival, the treatment time is relatively fast, and the number of treatments range from 8-10 services. The laser will not work on blonde, gray, white or red pigment of hair.

Pricing & Packages available upon consultation

Skin Tightening

*Face & Neck $150

*Forehead $100

*Stomach $250

*Thighs $150

*vagina $150 (external only)

*chest & breast $275

*Sublative: for scars, acne, fine lines $500 a service

- add onto a skin tightening service for $250

Skin tightening boosts up your percentage of collagen using heat. The process is gradual in effect and it takes 3-6 treatments depending on the area and a person's age. This laser also treats scars by tightening up the skin and reducing the appearance, and acne by using the heat to subside any sebum(oil) below the dermal layer of skin.

Skin Pigmentation                           


*Full Arm

*Half Arm


*Full Leg

*Half Leg

*Broken capillaries

Pricing upon consultation

The pigmentation process targets the darker melanin within the dermal layer of skin, the darker area will get even darker after, once that area is sloughed off the appearance will start to blend in with the natural pigment. Treatment time is quick...

Tattoo Removal

For our tattoo removal we offer the removal process on any area of the body that you would like to remove a tattoo. It can be a small, medium or large area. The process will take 10-12 treatments depending on the size and pigment color...