Prices Per Service

The Ultimate Rejuvenation Laser Facial $400

: Fade Scars

: Reduce Rosacea

: Smooth Wrinkles

:Correct Textural Irregularities

:Reduce Acne


Face & Neck $250.00

Chest/Breast $275.00

Inner thighs $150.00

Buttocks $150.00

Stomach $700 w/Sublative add on

Skin Tightening Packages

*Face & Neck $3000

*Forehead $1500

*Stomach $4200

*Thighs *consult needed

*Scars *consult needed

*Acne *consult needed

*Breast/Chest Lift $1650 (special pricing for a short term)

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Skin tightening boosts up your percentage of collagen using heat. The process is gradual in effect and it takes 3-6 treatments depending on the area and a person's age. This laser also treats scars by tightening up the skin and reducing the appearance, and acne by using the heat to subside any sebum(oil) below the dermal layer of skin.